Granite is a natural stone that is found deep in the earth’s crust, it is then extracted, cut, polished, and sealed for distributing to stores, contractors and more. Since it is a natural stone it comes in many variations of colors, patterns, and textures. The type of seal used on this type of stone makes it almost completely resistant to scratches, staining, heat, etching and weathering. Because of this granite is one of the most popular stones on the market. This rock is routinely used for gravestones, memorials, flooring, countertops and so much more.

Granite comes in predominantly white, pink, or gray depending on their mineral composition. This stone is almost always massive, which means it lacks any internal structures, so it is durable. Because it is naturally hard and tough it has various uses in construction and in homes and businesses. Granite and marble are some of the oldest and widely used rocks in building. The granite and marble industries are considered one of the oldest industries in the world, dating back as far as ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used granite and marble to create the great pyramids and other structures.

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