Limestone is one of the most versatile stones on the market, it’s also dependable and extremely cost effective. The limestone that we provide in Pennsylvania is great for outdoor use, both commercially and residentially, and can be used in numerous ways such as exterior brick and store fronts. We can produce limestone products with a variety of different finishes and textures. Here at Custom Stone Works we can make sure you are provided with the best quality limestone available.

Limestone Benefits in Pennsylvania

There are numerous benefits to using limestone over other natural and manufactured stone products. Limestone has a large variety of natural colors which can give your project a unique and natural look, it is also readily available for quarrying and can be on site in a matter of weeks. Limestone is easier to fabricate than other building stones, so architects can design with freedom and without limitations. Limestone is durable, long lasting and maintenance free, the color is maintained throughout the life of the product.

Custom Stone Works

At Custom Stone Works in Pennsylvania, we provide a variety of natural and manufactured stone products and services such as limestone, granite, quartz and cast stone as well as services like countertops, floors and so much more. We are known for superior quality stone, outstanding craftsmanship, competitive pricing and exceptional service. If you would like to learn more about limestone and the rest of our offered products and services, please call us at (734) 427-8158.