A limestone supplier is someone who quarries limestone for resale. Limestone is a natural stone product which means it comes in a variety colors including buff, gray and a full color blend of both. Additionally, the color of the stone is maintained throughout the life of the product. Limestone is extremely durable, is long lasting and a relatively maintenance free stone. Limestone is easier to fabricate than other stones, so architects can design without limitations, and is readily available and can be on site in a matter of weeks.

A limestone supplier fabricates and produces limestone slabs for residential and commercial customers, even contractors and interior designers. They can cut the stone into custom shapes and sizes, give it different veneers, and much more. A Limestone Supplier has more control over the stone than say a hardware store would, they can do much more with the stone before it gets to you and can do almost anything you want to it. Since it is easier to fabricate than other natural stones it gives fabricators and architects free range to do what they want with it, without any limitations.

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