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Please note, images on the Custom Stone Works website are representations of our products. We recommend viewing products in person or requesting samples where possible. If you purchase based on the website images without viewing the product in person, you accept the potential discrepancies between the product photos and the actual product. Your purchase signifies your understanding and acceptance of these possible variations.

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Please read through the Custom Stone Works Terms and Conditions listed below carefully before finalizing your payment through the Custom Stone Works website.


  1. Bid based on provided drawing.
  2. All proposals are subject to change after field measure and final calculations.
  3. All overhangs are assumed standard unless otherwise noted.
  4. Customer(s) doing their own removal must have old splashes off before date of template.
  5. No changes can be made after initial template date.
  6. CSW will pick up customer provided sinks at time of template
  7. Over mount sinks, cook tops, stoves and faucet(s) must be onsite, at time of installation, or there will be a charge of $125/hr for return visit.
  8. Seams are subject to slabs size and pattern.
  9. The customer or an adult representative (over the age of 18) must be present at time of installation.
  10. CSW will exercise caution during the installation, however, we can not guarantee there will be no damage to walls or wall coverings.
  11. Overhang support to be supplied and installed by customer.
  12. Minimal amounts of dust should be expected.
  13. Job to be inspected and signed off at time of installation. Final payment is due the day of installation.
  14. Granite is a natural stone therefore, imperfections and small flaws are sometimes unavoidable.
  15. Proper installation of granite requires that the cabinets be level. The customer is responsible for leveling the cabinets.
  16. Tear out not included unless stated on customer's order.
  17. Tear out does not include tile or granite countertops.
  18. Plumbing not included.Sinks/Cooktops will be centered on the cabinet unless otherwise directed.
  19. Farm-style sinks must be installed by the customer prior to measure/template date.
  20. All details not specifically discussed and noted by the customer will be left up to CSW discretion.
  21. CSW will caulk to any existing tile, no grout work will be performed.
  22. Customer supplied measurements for pick-up orders will be followed exactly. No adjustments or assumptions will be made.
  23. Cancelled jobs are subject to a 2% cancellation fee.
  24. Template is typically 5-10 days from request. Install is typically 14-21 days from template. These are estimates and can vary outside these windows depending on current workload.

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