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Custom Stone Works is your ultimate destination for exceptional countertops that embody elegance, functionality, and longevity. We offer a variety of stone countertops that are crafted to perfection, each with its own unique attributes, benefits, and visual charm. Click here to see our current inventory.

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Our granite countertops, celebrated for their strength and unique beauty, elevate any property with their striking aesthetics. Alternatively, our quartz countertops offer a sleek, modern look and are crafted for durability, available in a plethora of colors and patterns. With either choice, customers are guaranteed a high-quality, resilient surface that enhances their interior spaces.

Granite is celebrated for its striking aesthetics, incredible strength, and resistance to scratches, heat, and stains. Its inherent versatility allows for stunning variations in color, pattern, and texture, making each granite countertop a unique masterpiece. This robust, low-maintenance natural stone is a favorite choice for homeowners and businesses alike, adding significant value to any property. Click here to see our current inventory.

Quartz is an engineered stone that combines the hardiness of natural quartz with the resilience of high-performance resins, resulting in a highly durable, non-porous surface. Unlike natural stones, quartz countertops are available in a vast range of colors and patterns and are resistant to etching and staining. Quartz offers a modern, sleek, and uniform look to your interiors. Click here to see our current inventory.

Our Committment

We are committed to providing the highest levels of quality, ethical performance, and competitive granite & quartz pricing in the industry. We know how important the appearance of your home or business is to you. That is why our corporate reputation rests on your complete satisfaction. And, that’s our guarantee.

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