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Elevate Your Countertops with Stunning Edge Profiles

Discover the perfect finishing touch for your granite countertops with our exquisite collection of countertop edges. From classic and elegant profiles to modern and sleek designs, our diverse range offers endless possibilities to enhance the beauty of your countertops.

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Bullnose Edges are among the most popular and perfect for a high-traffic, family kitchen. The edges are rounded, so bumping into them at a high speed — think of a child running in to get a snack — is not as much of an issue as a straighter edge.

Full Bullnose

A Full Bullnose offers a contemporary feel. It is rounded at the top and the bottom and softens the feel of the kitchen area.

Half Bullnose

A Half Bullnose has a rounded top and a straight bottom edge, which can show off some of the details of the marble, granite or quartz you are using.

Both styles give the benefit of letting water run off and away from the cabinets.

Pencil Top Edges are softly rounded like a pencil at the top with a slight bevel at the bottom. It is a contemporary style, is also safe for high-traffic areas, and is easy to clean.

Ogee Edges, named after ogee arches in architecture, have multiple curves and make an elegant statement in your kitchen.

Regular Ogee Edge

The Regular Ogee has an s-like curve — concave, then convex.

Fancy Ogee

A Fancy Ogee has two concave curves on top of a convex curve and is a real hallmark of a vintage, sophisticated kitchen or bathroom.

Small Beveled

When the bevel cut doesn't go deep into the countertop's edge, this is known as a small or narrow bevel. The angled face is usually about 1/4-inch wide, so this can also be called a quarter bevel.

Small bevels have a formal appearance that is best suited to a traditional kitchen design. They can also work well in small kitchen spaces since they add a bit of visual appeal without being an overwhelming design element.

Large Beveled

Sometimes, beveling removes more of a counter's top corner. The result is a wider angled face, so this style is said to have a large or wide bevel. It can also be called half bevel because the angled face is about 1/2-inch wide.

Large bevels really catch the light. Each face may appear to be a different shade variation of the same color.

Standard Edges

Custom Edges

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